If you're looking for my basic information; it's right here. My references are here.
But this is what you should really know if you'd like to work together.

I like learning things.

Good design catches the eye and creates an impression that will stay with a user long after the initial experience. I have found that in designing these experiences, from advertisements and packaging to websites, that the more information I can gather beforehand, the more impact the final outcome will have. Learning about the product, the audience, the environment, the purpose, and even the clients has always been my most invaluable resource as a designer.

But it doesn't stop with design. Design is my passion and my profession, but I'm not the type of designer who thinks about it 24/7. There's so much more to life for me. I've been learning ballroom dance since I graduated college. I read constantly and host book discussions with my professional organization and my church, I'm an an amateur astronomer, and have seen hundreds of shooting stars. Whenever I travel (which is often), the museums are my primary destination. Coming full circle, I let these things seep into my work as well, and revel in my ability to draw these connections;.